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For every bottle of feel good vitamins purchased, we'll donate a bottle to a child in need

Feel Good Mission

We’re small. But the problem is big. Really big.

Too many kids in too many places all over our little planet don’t get the nourishment they need. It shouldn’t be like this. And it’s not going to be. Because we’re going to do something about it.

Our mission is simple: To help eliminate malnutrition from the planet. And feel good doing it. We know this is a big mission – for a big problem – and we want to be a big part of the solution. And you can too.

Kids need good nutrition to be their healthy best. But good nutrition is not always possible. That’s when vitamin and mineral supplements can do the most good. But not everyone can afford to buy vitamins. That’s where we come in.

For every bottle of Feel Good Vitamins that is purchased, we’ll donate a bottle to a child in need.

One little bottle of vitamins can make a big difference in the health of one kid. And who knows what that one kid may do to change the world one day. We think giving feels good. Join us.

get some. give some. feel good.™